Defiant Texas Mom Opposes Tyrannical Medical Doctors Trying to Medically Kidnap Newborn Unvaccinated Baby

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Millie Weaver

InfoWars reporter Millie Weaver with her husband and new-born unvaccinated baby. (Source)

Comments by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Texas mom and InfoWars reporter Millie Weaver recently went public and talked about her experience with medical doctors regarding her newborn unvaccinated baby.

Millie explains how she wanted to have a natural vaginal birth, even after her first child was born by cesarean (VBAC), but her doctors disagreed, and so her baby was born via C-section. As a result, they had to suction fluids out of the back of her mouth.

At her baby’s first doctor visit, they observed something at the back of her throat, which was probably a result of the suction process during the cesarean birth.

But doctors were concerned that it could be an infection, and wanted to send the baby to the hospital for further testing.

Millie refused, because the baby had no adverse symptoms, not even a fever. The doctor allegedly told her to go to a drug store to purchase a thermometer, and to regularly check the baby’s temperature in case there was an infection that would spike a fever. The doctor allegedly told her to take the baby to the emergency room right away at the first sign of a fever, even if it was 100.3 or higher.

Millie complied, and bought a cheap drugstore thermometer and monitored her baby’s temperature. A couple of days later, the baby’s temperature registered as 100.6.

Thinking that perhaps the baby had contracted some infection at the hospital, Millie decided to play it safe and follow the doctor’s directive, and took her into the emergency room.

Once she arrived at the hospital, they took the baby’s temperature, and it was normal. There was no fever. Millie, still having her cheap store-bought thermometer, decided to check the baby’s temperature again, and it still showed that the baby had a slight fever. They checked again with the hospital equipment, and it still showed that there was no fever.

Millie assumed that the expensive hospital equipment, which was medically calibrated, was certainly more reliable then her cheap store-bought thermometer, and wanted to leave the hospital with her baby, since the baby was obviously not sick.

However, the doctors at the hospital wanted to do further testing. They stuck a catheter into the baby to get a urine sample, which of course caused great stress to the baby as she started screaming.

When the doctors announced that they need to do a spinal tap on the baby, Millie put her foot down and refused.

Doctors then threatened to call in CPS (Child Protection Services) to take custody of the baby, and also force her to get caught up on vaccines.

But Millie held her ground, and eventually was able to bring her baby home.

Watch the full video below.

Be aware that the network that Millie works for, Alex Jones’ InfoWars, has been banned from almost all social media sites now, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and others.

The video below is on another YouTube channel, and could soon disappear. If it does, go to the InfoWars website directly to view it.

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