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trump-drain-swamp-cartoon-drainoI want to point out some very real truths here in the hopes of saving you a lot of money, aggravation, and grief. I would like you all to step outside of the box for a minute and forget what you have always been taught, i.e., that the judicial system is here to protect and serve you, that the police are here to protect and serve you, that the Constitution is here to protect you (which it does if you apply it), and/or that the Government can’t lie or intentionally harm you.  It is all a lie.  fed fnding

Don’t believe me? Take off the rose colored glasses and then take a real hard look at the reality and evidence for yourselves. People have been battling this issue of cps and the family courts for over 30 years.  They are no further now than they were when they started. Officials in every state have been notified of the corruption and wrong doings and know exactly what is going on, and do nothing. They keep a pack of form rejection letters, already signed and rubber stamped, to send out to you as soon as you send in your complaints.  You, for the most part, are not being heard, and they are not looking at your evidence.  It goes into the trash, unread and un-addressed.

$$$$ (2)There have been hundreds, possibly thousands of people who filed claims against cps, the courts, to sue – to get their kids back, etc.  Only a handful of people ever have accomplished that goal, and only because they somehow came into enough money to hire a reputable lawyer and could fight them in court.  The majority of us can not do this as the system has already bankrupted and raped most of us. CPS NAME

Even trying to go through the appeals process is stacked against us because it is very costly to even file for an appeal, and is rigged so that if not done correctly, you lose on that alone.  Even if you can do it, maybe once, the appellate court only hears a handful of cases per year and the rest get tossed and you have to start all over again.  Re-file, pay again as they do not refund the fees you already paid for the first filing, only to probably deny it again and again and again until you are broke, the child(ren) age out, or you just give up.

That saying, “You can’t fight city hall” has been proven over and over again to be correct, namely because they have the power, and all the resources of taxpayers behind them. AND, because it is all rigged and corrupt. Who are you going to complain to that is actually going to look at your evidence, hear your complaints, and rule against their fellow crooks and hold them accountable?

familyThe only reasonable God’s given way that we are ever going to get our kids back is if we stand together, Unite as the American people, with one massive voice and use our Constitution to stop this. We have to vote out that federal funding as it is the root of the corruption.

Stop spinning your wheels, banging your head against that same old brick wall that thousands before you have been banging their heads against for the last 30 + years, and join with one another to tear that wall down.

If you all step outside the box and listen to all these other families about their experiences in the courts and appellate process, and that they never got their kids back, never won any law suits, and lost everything, then maybe you will finally see that doing it the legal way, according to our illegal courts way, is never going to get you anywhere just like it has failed others.destroying families

So, either we Unite and Fight together as the people of this country as stated in our Constitution – and take this corrupt system down together, or we keep spinning our wheels and never accomplish anything to our own good, fighting this one case at a time, and starting all over again each time another family is affected.

Please look into what I have said here and see the truth for yourselves and let’s stop moving backwards.  Let’s move forward and kick some Government Butt.



Coming soon . . . the petition to END the Federal Funding that incentivizes states to take our children.
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