Communism was outlawed in 1950 by the United States!




Back in 1950 Eisenhower outlawed Communism on 24 August 1954, however today’s federalists have seemed to forget this fact. Link!

And here is the Communist Act: Link!

How soon do people forget their own agreements because today, the Communist Party openly brags of its control over social media, news media and has many organizations that operate openly everywhere in various names. These Communist organizations are now openly working with federal agencies

Apparently the federal agencies completely ignore these aforementioned agreements and discard them as old and outdated. It’s obvious that the Communist Party has won and has completely overrun the whole country with their Hate Speech tactics and Bullying policies. The United States has failed in its mission and agreements and the Communist Party is completing its mission in making the people within the States its enemy. All of this has been done covertly and now it is being done overtly. Link!

Communism is not comfortable to live under and Communism has been responsible for at least eighty million murders in the past century. Free Speech is not an option under Communism nor is freedom of religion or conscience. This is well known, so this open call for communism in America is quite perplexing and mostly advocated by people that have no idea that they are the first to be slaughtered once Communism has its full grip in place.


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